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Financial Education for All!

Lemoney Learning is a financial education platform designed to provide fair and equitable access to financial education for all. Tailored to educator and learner needs, Lemoney Learning is a platform for learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers, students, and parents can use the Lemoney Learning platform to create a generation of learners that are equipped with key financial knowledge and skills to improve their financial futures!

Working to Make a Positive Impact

The average US household has over $96,000 of debt
One quarter of non-retired Americans indicate they have no retirement savings or pension
30% of US adults don’t have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency
One in five adults have student loan debt, totaling over $1.6 trillion

Did you know states across the US are rapidly adopting financial education standards in the classroom?

Starting in Texas! More states coming soon

Lemoney Learning provides courses aligned with state standards!

Each course comes with content, supplemental materials, and documented standards alignment so teachers know exactly what lesson maps to each standard.

Lessons Delivered in Bite-Sized Chunks

“Honestly, this makes it so easy. The way it is delivered is perfect for children of all ages and helps make sure the lessons actually stick!”

Elementary school teacher

“This is the best way to teach! Lemoney Learning makes it fun to talk about finance in the classroom.”

High school teacher

Engaging Checks on Learning

Lemoney Learning’s quizzes test relevant topics for each module of instruction. Multiple question types are used to create an engaging learning experience.

In addition, our question types map to many state standards such as the Texas STAAR exam!

Free for Educators & Learners!

We believe that in order to provide equitable access to financial education, it has to be free. 

We are thankful for the generosity of our partners and sponsors who make it possible for our platform to remain free for all learners!


“This is such a game changer. I haven’t had anything to support me like this before, and the fact that it is tailored to my classroom standards makes it so easy to use.”

High school teacher

“The fact that this is free to use in the classroom is mind blowing! Financial education is so important and this makes it so easy to teach.”

Elementary school teacher

“I LOVE that it gives me classroom activities as well. High quality learning both on and off the computer.”

Elementary school teacher